SK Double Pump Reservoir
SK Double Pump Reservoir
SK Double Pump Reservoir

SK Double Pump Reservoir

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features in detail

Our SK-Double Pump Reservoir offers the possibility of integrating 2 independent circuits in one system. 2 inputs and outputs for each circuit. Pumps attach from the back so the pumps can be hidden. Spacers can be purchased separately. They enable the SK-Double Pump Reservoir to be placed in front of a radiator. The RGB bar on the left side ensures the stylish look. The distances between the inlets and outlets are chosen so that fittings with an outer diameter of up to 26mm can be used. Threads are standard G1/4". 65ml volume per reservoir.

Features at a glance

• Reservoir allows 2 circuits
• 2 inlets and outlets per circuit
• 8 in total
G1/4" connections
• D-RGB 3 pin installed
• a total of 130ml filling volume
• rear M3 holes for mounting in any standard fan space (105mm hole spacing)
(• Spacer mounting strips for mounting in front of a radiator) optional accessories

Technical details

• Product dimensions: (W x H x D): 120 x 240 x 28 mm
• Color: Transparent, white
• Material: acrylic glass, plastic
• Connections: 8x G1/4" ports
• D-RGB connector 3-pin 5V digital LED header (Pinout: +5V, D, Blocked, Ground)

scope of delivery

• 1x SK Double Pump Reservoir
• 4x M3 mounting screws for attachment to the radiator grille
• 2x universal adapters for D5 & DDC in white