SK-Desty Predator AM5/AM4 modular CPU cooler Nickel + Acetal BB
SK-Desty Predator AM5/AM4 modular CPU cooler Nickel + Acetal BB

SK-Desty Predator AM5/AM4 modular CPU cooler Nickel + Acetal BB

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Material base plate:copper
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Features at a glance

• fine fins for very good heat dissipation
• Maximum flow behavior without a jetplate
• modular and sleek high-flow design
• RGB prepared • Inexpensive all-round solution

The features of the SK-Desty Predator CPU cooler

Maximum gaming Experience through maximum cooling performance with maximum design.

The focus is on cooling the CPU. For this we have a modular and simple high-flow design developed, which also makes it the perfect partner for less powerful pumps might.

The fin structure is straight for optimal water flow at the same time large cooling surface. The narrow ones Fins and spacing between fins of 0.3mm optimize flow while increasing the cooling surface .

The correct inflow angle on the fins ensures even distribution of the water pressure on the fins GPU core.

The comfortable Easy-Mount-System enables quick installation. The cooler can be installed on AMD motherboards at any time without tools be mounted with sockets AM5 & AM4.

Friends of larger connection systems will find out about the increased distance between the two G1/4 inch connection threads, which is now 26 mm amounts to. This means that the SK-Desty Predator is suitable for all common connection types compatible.

Technical specifications

Dimensions (cooler): 69 x 18 x 69 mm (W x H x D)
Material: copper (base), steel (powder-coated)
Connections: 2x G1/4 thread
Spacing: 26mm
Socket Compatibility: AMD Ryzen: AM5 & AM4


Scope of delivery

1 x SK Desty Predator AM5/AM4 modular CPU cooler copper + acetal
1 x mounting material for mounting on the mainboard


Note: This product is shipped without the necessary connections and delivered without thermal paste.